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Unknown Pterodroma: 1 between Hawaii and Kiribati on Aug 30th 2008 at circa 11;50° North.

This bird was video’d, and appeared to me, from a dorsal view, at the time, to show the head, upperwing and underwing pattern of Gould’s Petrel; however as the bird turned there perhaps wasn’t extensive enough dark on the head sides; however Onley and Schofield depict a worn Stejneger’s Petrel showing more extensively dark underwings which look very similar to Gould’s Petrel, but this bird didn’t show a pronounced collar mark, or dark enough crown. I also considered that the bird might have been a dark-headed Black-winged Petrel, and then became really confused when I found the possibility of Hawaiian Petrel could not be eliminated for sure, when I read Don Roberson’s article on Dark-rumped Petrel identification. Here, a photograph of the bird at Cordell Bank on Aug. 1st 1997 looks identical to this bird. Although I had hoped to encounter Hawaiian Petrel on this trip, I returned home disappointed, as, having seen many Galapagos Petrels on a trip to those islands a few years ago, I knew that I had seen nothing resembling Galapagos birds on this trip. Are Hawaiian Petrels really that “dinky” compared with Galapagos Petrels? Anyway if you can wait a couple of minutes for it to load…. See video here  


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